IU Home Intelligent Automation System

Fulfilled the 10 important features of a good Home Automation System:
1. Interoperability
2. Remote Access via iPhone / iPad / Android
3. Expandability
4. Upgradeability
5. Variety of Interface
6. Time Tested Protocol
7. Strong Technical Support
8. Layer of Protection
9. Energy Saving
10. Customizable

Lighting Control

i. Vitrum Switches Series:

Vitrum I EU Vitrum II EU Vitrum III EU Vitrum IV EU Vitrum VI EU

Vitrum I BS Vitrum II BS Vitrum II BS Shutter Vitrum II EU Shutter

ii. IU Home C Series Touch Switch:

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Blind / Curtain Control

Automation Features:
  • Timer Trigger
    • Automatic Open (Morning) and Close (Night)
  • Lux Trigger (by sunlight)
  • Remote Control
Compatible with most of the motorized motor brands in the market.

Aircon Control

Automation Features:
  • Timer
    • Auto turn on/off based on pre-set time
  • Auto Events Trigger
    • 1 touch scenario mode. For example:
      • - Entering the Theater Room (turn on the aircon and all AV equipments)
      • - Leaving the Theater Room (turn off the aircon and all AV equipments)
    • Indoor Temperature Level Trigger
      • - Aircon Temperature can be auto adjust to maintain the desired comfort level
    • Energy Saving Mode
      • - To auto turn off or adjust the aircon into energy saving mode when no body in the room
Compatible Models: Daikin / Sharp / Hisense / LG / Mitsubishi / Haier / TCL / Fujitsu / Hitachi / Sanyo / Siemens / Samsung / Panasonic / Toshiba / York / Carrier / and more....

Multi-Room Music

CasaTunes designs innovative multi-room audio products, including both hardware and software, for Windows Media Center and networked PC environments. Its flagship product line, CasaTunes, provides solutions for playing your PC music in up to 48 rooms throughout the home..... See Details

AV System Integration

Automation Features:
  • Auto turn on all AV Equipments with scene button.
  • Auto Favorite Channel Plays
  • Auto turn on favorite News Channel based on scheduled time
  • and MUCH MORE......
Controlling Equipments: TV / Projector / Motorized Projector Screen / AV Receiver / Power Amplifier / Astro Decoder / Bluray Player / DVD Player / CD Player / Media Player

Security System

Automation Features:
  • Security Lighting : Auto turn on lights when security breach
  • Announcement on Security Breach on whole house speakers (if available)
  • Zone cameras pop up on all touch screen controller screen during breach on the zones.
  • Sleep mode to arm the alarm system in “Sleep Mode” and turn off selected lights
  • Away mode to arm the entire alarm system in “Away” mode and turn all light off, and activate the “Away” automation scenario mode.
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