5.8 GHz Digital Wireless Headphones, Model 2500

5.8 GHz Digital Wireless Headphones, Model 2500

Amphony's top-of-the-line model combines the best of digital wireless audio transmission with the best of headphone technology. As a result, the Model 2500 Digital Wireless Headphones achieve audiophile sound reproduction and eliminates any noise or audio distortion by using digital audio transmission. The Model 2500 wireless headphones offer an extended audio frequency response and excels at reproducing every subtle nuance of your favorite songs. The velours ear cushions and adjustable headband ensure a comfortable fit. The closed design attenuate external noise for a perfect listening experience.


CD-quality wireless

The Model 2500 utilizes advanced uncompressed wireless audio transmission to achieve true CD quality audio. Due to the low latency the wireless signal is virtually free of any delay and the headphone audio will be in perfect sync with video. You'll forget that you are wearing wireless headphones.

Multiple audio inputs

The transmitter provides an optical and one coaxial digital audio input. The audio from these inputs is transmitted directly to the headphones without any audio conversion or degradation. If digital audio is not available, the transmitter also provides an adjustable analog audio input and thus can connect to virtually any audio device.

Simple setup

Setting up your Model 2500 is incredibly easy. No technical expertise is required. Just connect the transmitter to your audio equipment, switch on the headphones and listen to the music. The volume can be adjusted directly at the headphones without having to run back to your audio device.


The Model 2500 is ready for the future by providing a high-speed data output to connect RangeBooster transmitters to extend the transmitter operating range so that you can keep listening all over your house.


Wireless Transmitter

Audio transmissionDigital
Transmitter frequency5.8 GHz
Dynamic range / Signal-to-noise ratio100 dB
Channel separation100 dB
Harmonic distortion-90 dB
Error correction1/2 rate FEC
Audio sampling128 x oversampling
Max. audio input level0.2 ... 10 Vrms (adjustable)
Transmitted data rate> 3 Mbps
Operating rangeMax. 200 ft. (60 m) line of sight, max. 50 ft. (20 m) through walls

TypeDynamic, closed
Frequency response10 Hz ... 23 kHz
Max. sound pressure/td>120 dB
Operating timeMax. 100 hours with 2 AA batteries

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