Casatunes Multi Room Audio System

Introducing the CasaTunes family of products

As a homeowner, you probably have at least one PC you use to store your music. Your collections of music, whether originated by copying or ripping CD's, or by downloading music from online music sites and stores, grow quickly over time, and before you know it, you have invested a lot of time, money and pride in building your custom music collection. Now that you have built this amazing music collection, you deserve to be able to play your music anywhere in the home, and it needs to be easy, cool and fun! If this sounds like you, then CasaTunes has a solution for you.

CasaTunes designs innovative multi-room audio products, including both hardware and software, for Windows Media Center and networked PC environments. Its flagship product line, CasaTunes, provides solutions for playing your PC music in up to 48 rooms throughout the home.

Now you can finally listen to internet radio (powered by AOL SHOUTCast®), or your favorite Windows, iTunes, and iPod (including iPhone and iTouch) music collection throughout your home ... and with CasaTunes' support for playing multiple play lists at the same time, each family member can select and listen to their own tunes. Select your favorite music by using a browser based device, Windows Media Center, Media Center Extenders or CasaTunes Keypads. If you are using CasaTunes with certain NuVo® or Russound™ products you can even use their keypads to control CasaTunes.

CasaTunes main offerings include

CasaTunes Software - All our CasaTunes XLi, CasaTunes XLe and CasaTunes XL Music Servers ship with our industry recognized CasaTunes Software. The CasaTunes Software is the brains of the system, for more details on the features and functionality this software offers.

CasaTunes XLi - A PCI-e based card that you install in your PC. The XLi includes 4 built-in or internal sources, and one external source. Each internal source can play Windows, iTunes, iPod, or internet radio music. The XLi includes 6 stereo outputs. Each output has its own volume, balance, loudness, treble and bass control. You can switch any of the sources to one or more stereo outputs. Since all the switching is done in hardware, all outputs are guaranteed to be perfectly syncrhonized for multi-room playback.

CasaTunes XLe - Similar to the CasaTunes XLi but with more capacity. The XLe provides 12 stereo outputs, 5 built-in or internal sources, four external sources, and input and output triggers. If 12 stereo outputs is not enough, simply add up to 3 more XLe expansion units for up to 48 rooms.

CasaTunes XLi Music Server & CasaTunes XLe Music Server - If you want to purchase a CasaTunes optimized PC with our CasaTunes XLi or XLe and software already pre-installed, look no further than our CasaTunes XL Music Server PC.

CasaTunes Keypads - Works with your CasaTunes XLi, CasaTunes XLe, and CasaTunes XL Music Servers to allow wall mounted control in each of your rooms, complete with meta data display.

CasaTunes XLa multi-channel amplifier - You can hook up your CasaTunes XLi and XLe to most multi-channel amplifiers, but if you are looking to purchase a multiple channel amplifier that is fully tested with CasaTunes, then you will be interested in our CasaTunes XLa.

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