The Best Partner for HTPC! IR Receiver for 5.25" Bay

iMON VFD has VFD display and volume control knob and designed to fit to 5.25" disk drive bay. Its available in two colors, Silver and Black with hairline surface and you can match it with your PC color.

The beautiful VFD display window works as IR receiver and shows the media playback and system information as well.

And you can use your PC more conveniently to watch media files and turn on/off your PC with remote control.


Knob button for volume control

By the rotation of right side volume knob, you can control the volume easily. Press knob button to mute and press again to unmute. We design the volume level, smoothly increased and decreased, while it is being mute and unmute.

The Ultimate Media Center Solution, iMEDIAN HD

iMEDIAN HD which is included in iMON VFD is the most advanced media center solution for multimedia PC and HTPC.

You can enjoy 'Music', 'Videos' and 'Pictures' by remote control and easy user interface. The most important part to use multimedia PC and HTPC using remote control is the application. iMEDIAN HD has been updated continuously for last 5 years. The new interface of iMEDIAN HD can easily search and play media files stored in the PC.

It might be easy to buy one book and read it but it is not easy to setup a library with the books you read through your whole life. iMEDIAN HD will help you to, easily search and play the various audio, video and image files you have with unlimited media database.

Transform to the Real HTPC, iMON Pad Remote Control

In order to use PC as a perfect HTPC, iMON Pad remote control can control PC in a long distance. It can control the mouse pointer as well by Mouse/Keyboard button.

Media Center PC with Beautiful VFD

VFD is the shortened word of Vacuum Fluorescent Display and has brilliant display and high readability.
iMON VFD has the VFD display which can display 16*2 characters and it shows the following information using VFD display.
1. Media Information
2. Graphical EQ
3. System Information
4. News
5. World City Time and Weather
6. Email Check

The essential accessory for remote control power on, 24/3 Pin Standby Power Extension Cable. The 24/3 Pin Standby Power Extension Cable included in iMON VFD is the essential accessory for power on by remote control. If you use this power extension cable, you can supply the standby power to the iMON receiver and it turns on PC by the remote control signal.

One Remote Control for All, iMON Manger is the Core!!!

iMON Manager which is included in iMON VFD is the best solution among the applications developed for HTPC and multimedia PC. You can control most of media applications by one remote control and shows media playback information, graphical EQ, News and Weather by various displays. Also iMON Manager provides various settings for media playback by PC using Virtual Keyboard, Monitor Resolution Changer and Timer.
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