mControl Home Edition

Introducing the mControl

Let mControl Home Edition V2 be the control centre for your home automation system. mControl brings together your lights, appliances, irrigation system, audio/video IR components, IP video cameras and more in one system! mControl V2 runs under Windows 2000, XP and Vista and can completely integrate in to Microsoft Media Center Editions. mControl is powerful, expandable, convenient and easy to use with a price tag anyone can afford!

mControl features a sophisticated macro event system that allows it to automate events based on date, time, sunrise/sunset, lighting events, security events, thermostat events, IR events or even Media Center events for the ultimate in home automation control.

mControl is written as a client/server application which means that it can run on a remote server. The server can run a local client for local access, and any machine on the network can also run clients simultaneously using Media Center, Media Center Extenders (including XBox 360), Web Browsers or even mobile device clients. mControl is also internet enabled allowing for remote control via the Internet!

mControl V2 is compatible with a huge array of hardware systems and devices for whole house automation. It's comapatible with X-10, Z-Wave and Insteon lighting control systems as well as HVAC/Thermostats, irrigation and IR control systems for home theatre integration. It can also link with security systems such as the Elk M1 Gold and DSC systems.

mControl V2 can even use voice control when combined with One Voice Technology's Media Centre Communicator."

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