Moneual 972


Elegant, Quality Design:

The Moneual 972Series HTPC is composed entirely of hand-crafted,cut processed aluminum, enhancing the style and finesse of the finished product. The hairline brushed aluminum on the front of the case ads sophistication to the presentation, while the aluminum, rubber-soled audio feet enable the 972 ventilation through the bottom of the system, as well as support. Intelligent venting systems built throughout the case encourage airflow to keep the system adequately cool for optimal performance.

Movies Collection Management:

The Moneual 972Series is pre-installed with Movies Collection Management Software. The copy disc feature allows you to copy DVD, HD DVD and Blu-ray titles* to your computer or network storage directly within Windows Media Center to either an image file or a folder structure. During the copy process your disc will automatically be identified through internet service, and the disc will be added to your collection with high quality meta-data.

Home Server Capabilities:

Media access is limited not only to your living room but available to other rooms in your house as well. Wired LAN or Wireless connectivity between Moneual units allows you to stream the media from your living room HTPC into your bedroom HTPC and play it on your LCD television.

Award-winning Windows Platform:

Moneual Home Theater Systems fully support Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit Operating System for added security and ease-of-use, as well as superb navigation. The Windows platform provides a safe environment for all your regular PC needs such as email and word processing. You can also enjoy an additional media features through Windows Media Center. Make the most of your internet connection in the Internet TV and Online Media section, organize your photos, even view your music and movie collection by cover art and description.

Blu-ray Read/Write Drive:

With the Moneual 972, you have option to not only enjoy life-like image and sound while viewing High Definition quality movies on Blu-ray Discs, but even to record movies right onto your system through the Blu-Ray Drive to create a vast movie library. The immense storage capabilities of the Moneual 972 enable you to read and record a multitude of Blu-Ray Discs onto your system, as well as write onto them as well.

Front Panel Display:

Theres more to the 7inch touch screen LCD display than just design. Dual monitor settings enable you to use the touch screen as a menu to navigate through all the media in your system. With the iMon software designed especially for the 7inch touch screen display, navigating through your media, reviewing daily news headlines, even checking your local weather can be done in a cinch. The 7inch touch screen display is also programmed to automatically dim during movies or media playback.

Photo Viewer:

Who needs a digital photo frame when you have a perfectly able large-screen TV? Store all your photos for a fantastic photo slide show accompanied by your own selection of music right in your living room. With the Multimedia Card Slots located on the front of the case, photos can be uploaded quickly and easily onto your system without the use of USB chords or connectors. With the aid of Windows Media Center, organize your photos into a specific order and add smooth transitional effects for an even more personalized slideshow. Utilize your photos and Large-screen TV as a phenomenal backdrop for family gatherings and parties so your photos can be enjoyed by all your guests.

Personal Music Library:

Gone are the CD towers and hundreds upon hundreds of CDs stacked and collecting dust in your living room. Simply store all your music CDs into your 972system and enjoy every single one of your CDs categorized with album covers, and full artist and album descriptions. Whats more, with Internet music stations accessible right through the Media Center, thousands of music channels worldwide are also available to you through your Moneual system.

Full Wireless Control:

The Wireless Keyboard, a 2.4GHz wireless keyboard with optical trackball mouse for convenient internet and word processing use with an operating distance of up to 50 feet. The additional Windows Media Center compatible iMon IR Remote Controller enables you to navigate, select, and play media without ever getting off your couch.


  972 iSeries 972 iSeries (FULL SPEC)
Processor i5 Processor
Operating System Genuine Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
Memory 4GB RAM
Graphic Card Intel HD
Hard Drive 2TB HDD 8TB HDD
ODD Blu-ray Player
LCD Indicator 7 inch Touch Screen
Control Device 1 2.4 GHz Wireless Keyboard with Trackball Mouse
Control Device 2 Moneual iMon Pad Remote Control
LAN Gigabit LAN Ethernet Controller
HD Audio Format 7.1 Channel HD Audio,
Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX,
Dolby Digital Plus, DTS Digital Surround,
DTS 96/24, DTS ES etc.
PCM, Dolby TrueHD 7.1ch, DTS-HD-MA 7.1ch,
Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX,
Dolby Digital Plus, DTS Digital Surround,
DTS 96/24, DTS ES etc.
IO Port Multimedia Card Reader, USB 2.0 Ports, Optical S/PDIF out, Front 1/4" Headphone / Mic Port
Power Supply ATX-450W
Dimensions 17"(W) x 18.5"(D) x 6.75"(H), Aluminum
*The specification is subject to change base on manufacturer's specification without prior notice.
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