PowerTV is the new generation of High Definition (HD) digital interactive television systems for hotels, communities and ships. A powerful and versatile new medium, able to transform the TV into an engaging, personalised experience. All thanks to an extraordinary range of features: films on demand, internet browsing, music, games, radio, iPod connectivity, wireless and wired laptop connectivity, VoIP telephony, special content, information channels and even integration with PMS and building management systems. The following summaries outline just some of the features of this remarkable technology.

...In-Room Entertainment

Digital High Definition TV (HDTV)

        The new High Definition digital TV platform developed by VDA Interactive Multimedia is able to offer unprecedented levels of clarity in addition to a greater provision of services and multimedia content. The use of High Definition LCD television screens provides the very best viewing platform by which to fully appreciate VDA's radical content offerings.

The major ergonomic benefit of HD TV is higher screen resolution that offers startling clarity and tangibly improved text legibility, which is especially important when viewing from a distance. Unlike traditional interactive TV systems, HD PowerTV makes it possible to develop interfaces that are more engaging and better structured, providing richly textured news and information that is updated in real time and which can be presented and overlain in any number of ways, including Picture-In-Picture (PIP).

Energy Saving Too

        VDA's green technology means that TV sets can be configured to consume less energy (by reducing brightness levels or by extending warm-up times, for example). PowerTV also integrates with VDA's Micromaster room management system, whose prime purpose is to regulate energy consumption levels.

        Fast, Powerful, Profitable - VDA's sophisticated entertainment system uses the latest-generation digital video server, allowing fast data access for unlimited concurrent users. This, combined with innovative revenue earning features and an unrivalled range of content, creates the potential for higher sales and revenues than is possible with traditional systems.

Entertainment Packages

        Instead of simply selling a single service, such as per-per-view movies, Entertainment Packages combine two or more products together, for example:

        ALL adult films + 1 major title + unlimited internet access
  • Entertainment packages: matching offers to increase revenue
  • 'All inclusive' entertainment packages at reception: harnessing the impulse to buy during check-in
  • Scrolling text marketing messages: hotel offers sent direct to room TVs
  • Film promotion on the main menu: full exposure to video on demand
  • Up-selling via the web: inform and sell even before the customer arrives in your Hotel
  • The interactive TV remote control gives you access to a wide range of unique and profitable services
  • Huge and Diverse Range of Content
  • And functions like home DVD, Personal Video Recorder (PVR), Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) so guests can choose viewing times to suit their own needs. The standard package includes 20 new Hollywood titles, which are updated periodically via satellite, and a programme of 10 adult films. Each film is available in one language.

Customised Information

        PowerTV can be used to present information in a variety of forms and tailored to specific audiences, such as PowerTV's City Magazine - which, among other things - offers information on local museums, exhibitions, restaurants, nightlife and other not-to-be-missed attractions. There is also the interactive directory of hotel services - The Hotel Magazine - which hosts the hotel's in-house services via the TV system and is capable of showing a hundred pages of information completely tailored to the hotel's requirements.

Convention Services

        VDA's editorial staff work in conjunction with the conference planners to create multilingual content relevant to the convention. The standard module includes 5 graphic and text information pages covering: "convention highlights," "company highlights," "work agenda," "meeting point information" and "post-convention activity." This complete service involves the event's organising company, purchasing and use of the content, as well as the final editorial creation and upload of the pages onto the hotel's PowerTV system.

Other Services

        The items listed here are only a small part of PowerTV's capability. There is also radio, internet access, laptop connectivity (wired and wireless), games, music, terrestrial and satellite channels, iPod connectivity, VoIP telephony...the list goes on!

Why chose VDA for your entertainment?

  • Because it guarantees an additional income source for each hotel
  • For the rich and abundant schedule of films and music
  • Because it offers internet browsing from the TV or from a laptop in rooms and in common areas
  • For the continuously updated special offers
  • For the ease of customization, the creation of tailored packages, and simple updating
  • For its efficient monitoring and assistance

Download to get more information: PowerTV Introduction - PDF (3.5Mb)

PowerTV has iPod connectivity built-in

The look and feel of the screen interface can be customised to suit the hotel's corporate style

Customised PowerTV menu systems

PowerTV is the only supplier to offer integration with open architecture TV systems

City Magazine offers information on local museums, exhibitions, restaurants, nightlife and other not-to-be-missed attractions

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