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Moneual HTPC
Moneual Inc was one of the first pioneer into the field of Home Theater PC Cases in 2001. Since then, their innovative all-in-one cases and systems, as well as barebone systems, has rapidly increasing in sales in Korea, as well as in countries abroad.

Jan 2007, The Microsoft Corporation awarded Moneual Inc with the PC Innovation Award. Since then, Moneual Inc has been working continuously grow and expand in innovation and design in order to provide the best Home Theater Servers and Digital Multimedia Solutions.

Here are our recommended Moneual Media Centre Series:
- Moneual 312
- Moneual 972

Moncaso Chassis
MonCaso Series - The most entertaining HTPC case. MonCaso HTPC cases come in an elegant full-aluminum chassis that exudes quality and style that complements, not clashes, with your living room aesthetic.

Checkout 2 hottest chassis below:
- Moneual Moncaso 312
- Moneual Moncaso 972

HTPC Accessories There are various of Home Theatre PC Accessories available...

  • Wireless Keyboard with built-in Track Ball Mouse
  • IR Receiver, LCD Disply and Media Controller
  • Remote Controller
  • Volumn Controller

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Z-Wave Accessories
Get your Z-Wave Accessories Here...

i. Astral Z-Wave Products

ii. HomePro Z-Wave Products

iii. Aeon Lab Z-Wave Products

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