VDA Micromaster

        Micromaster is an intelligent, online room automation and building management solution, custom designed for the hotel industry. Every room is micro-managed from a central control system. Room climate and environment settings are precisely controlled within hotel-defined energy consumption models, which can be easily modified on a global or individual room basis as required. Guests can alter their room environment but only within the hotel's pre-set limits. The system is capable of managing almost any energy load, from climate control, through to security and fire alarm systems.

How Does it Control and Manage Energy?

        Micromaster constantly monitors all controllers, peripherals and alarms. By only using heating and lighting when necessary, it makes the hotel more energy efficient, reducing carbon footprint and costs. For example, the system can be configured to reduce the room temperature whilst the guest sleeps. Micromaster reduces the room temperature by 2 degrees on the current temperature the guest has set. This goes unnoticed by the guest. At a preset time in the morning the system returns to the guest setting. This is individual to each room and unlike competing systems it is not a "global" setting whereby all rooms are set identically irrespective of the guest comfort setting. Energy consumption profiles can be changed to suit daily and hourly occupancy and usage rhythms. Intelligent key cards can be programmed to any number of defined profiles or even customised on an individual basis.

Installation - Simplicity is the Keyword

        Whether new build or using existing infrastructure, installation of Micromaster is simple, making for fast and cost-saving installation times.

        Clear labelling and pushfit connectors at the Micromaster main controller make wiring quick and simple.

        Installation of the Vitrum switches is equally simple; standard dry box, two screws, snap together. Done.

        And cabling is simple too. The system has been designed to run on a range of network configurations, starting with a simple 2 wire configured network. It can even run over existing co-axial cabling.

Delivering Real Energy Cost Savings

        "The system delivers the in-room controls that allow hoteliers to control and reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint while continuing to deliver an enhanced guest experience.

        The system's intelligent design allows it to easily link and work in concert with existing environmental management systems and controls throughout the property, delivering greater efficiencies and savings."

        Arthur Little, Environmental Auditor and Consultant to the Hospitality Industry.

Additional Benefits

  • Simple back office and front office integration with all common PMS and POS systems
  • Can be integrated with external systems, such as security, fire alarms, CCTV etc
  • Seamless integration with VDA's PowerTV system
  • Scalable from 1 room to infinite
  • Plug and Play
  • Extendible without wiring
  • Can use existing infrastructure
  • Switches are available in a range of style to suit all interior design themes

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